What a whirlwind! Seriously. We were given possession of this house in June 2013 and renovated it and moved in on the July long weekend. We lived in the basement for almost two months until we got the main floor finished. Once we moved to the main floor in the beginning of September, we brought renovations to a halt and went full-steam ahead on wedding planning. We got married in November. We found out we were pregnant in March. And to celebrate, we renovated the basement. And somewhere in there, we both held down full-time jobs. We know how to have a good time, right?

And just like that – these renovations are done! TIME! It took us about 7 months of focused renovating (during our evenings and weekends) to completely destroy the interior of this house, rebuild it until it was pretty again, and bring the basement into the current century. I would say that we have earned ourselves a little celebratory drink! Cheers!

The floor plan has improved immensely since we got our hands on this house! We created an open-concept space with a smooth flow through the house. We did this by taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room, adding square footage to the bathroom to make it more functional, and ripping out a linen closet and using that space to create a walk-in-closet. The entryway is much more inviting now that we have taken down the little wall that separated in from the living room. We could not be happier with the new and improved flow and functionality of this house. Not to mention, the final result of this home is stunning!

Our original vision was to turn this house into a modern home with clean and simple lines and this look has certainly been achieved. The house has a fresh and airy feel to it now. The newly achieved open-concept floor plan gives the impression that the house is larger. This renovation makes the house much more practical for the modern family. And the house is perfect for entertaining with the open-concept floor plan and the large island that people love to congregate around.

Here’s a look at the new floor plan:

And here's the original floor plan for reference:

And here's the basement floor plan:

Click on the gallery below to take a look at this beauty!


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