This little beauty sold! It was on the market for about 10 days. A couple with two teenage boys bought the house. The couple said they loved the style of the home, especially the seafoam colour palette because they thought it would match seamlessly with their own style and furniture. This couple also thought the basement was perfectly set up for their teenagers, who needed their own space to hang out.

We fell in love with this house and were so happy that we were able to take on this project!

When we were renovating the house, we noticed that the original family who owned this house before us signed their names underneath the hearth. So on the very last day that we were at this house, we signed our names underneath the hearth too. It worked out perfectly that we accidentally procrastinated signing underneath the hearth until the last moments that we were in this house - it was a really sweet and special way to say good bye to this house that we fell in love with.


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