My heart is so happy! I’ve found my soulmate and he asked me to be his wife… for life! And of course I said, ‘Yes!!’

Cam and I were packing up to head to Fairmont, British Columbia for a little summer getaway with Cam’s family. Cam wrote ‘Will You Marry Me?’ across a Canadian map. We were in our kitchen dreaming up some of the places we would love to stop and see on our trip and he got out the map and got on one knee. Eeek! He so romantically described many of the reasons why he loves me and wants to spend his life with me and asked me to be his wife! I have never been so confident about a decision in my life. I simply couldn’t imagine life without Cam. My heart is fluttering away with happiness. Butterflies! Pop the bubbly!

Cam is my best friend – he’s always been there for me in good times and not so good. My dreams all include Cam and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve learned a lot about life with Cam by my side and I am soo excited to continue this journey together. I am one lucky lady to be able to spend my life with this sweet, gentle, and loyal man. Feeling so grateful for this life we have together.

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