We looked at a lot of houses that needed some serious lovin’ and had all kinds of strange layouts and smells, but we found the one for us! Let me introduce you to fixer upper #3.

The setup of this house is a bit rare as it is a mix between a bi-level and a split level, but we think it’s pretty neat! When you come into the front entryway, you can go up 10 stairs to the main level or go down 3 stairs to a full, unfinished basement (except for one ugly powder room that is down there). Although the basement is mainly unfinished, it has 10 foot ceilings and loads of potential.

Once you are on the main level, you have to take 1 step up to the dining room and 3 steps up to the back of the house, where there are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The house comes in at 1510 square feet. That’s almost double from our first flip - what have we gotten ourselves into!? The house has a really neat sunny front patio that is south-facing and has a mountain-view in the winter and we can already see ourselves enjoying that space! The house also has a back deck and yard that are shady for our kiddo, Bennett. The kitchen and dining room are separate and closed off from the rest of the house. The house was built in 1985 and nothing has been updated at all, but we can tell that the bones of the house are really sturdy so we feel confident taking on this fixer upper. One of our biggest challenges will be to remove the stucco that is on some of the interior walls. The stucco is very sharp and not child-friendly. It turns out that in the 30 years since this house has been built, there haven’t been any kids live there!

This house has modern lines throughout, vaulted ceilings in the living room and entryway, a beautiful wall of windows in the living room, plenty of tall windows throughout that let in loads of light, tall doorways, and huge potential! The house has a double car garage, which is a first for us and we’re thrilled about it! We also love that there is a park across the street and because of that, the house is in a 30-km park zone. There is also an off-leash dog park about 2 blocks away. We’re 7 minutes from Cam’s parents’ place. We’re super excited about this gem! This house already has so many neat features, but just needs some love.

We figure we will be renovating for about 6 weeks before we’ll be at a point where we’ll feel comfortable moving in with our busy 10-month old.

Here’s a peek at the original floor plan:

Here's the floor plan we're aiming for:

As you can see, we're planning a few floor plan revisions:

1. We plan to remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room as the first step towards an open-concept floor plan.

2. The kitchen has a wall in the middle of the kitchen that we'll remove and then we're ripping out the entire kitchen, as everything is original and does not work well.

3. There is a step-up from the kitchen to the dining room that is curved. Unfortunately, because of structural limitations, we cannot remove the step-up completely, but we can take out the curve so the step is straight and doesn't look as dated.

4. The bathroom is 15' L x 7' W so we are going to split it into two so that we can finally have our own ensuite. We're starting to feel like big kids now with an ensuite and a double car garage in this house. That's what happens when you move to the suburbs!

We had a little champagne so we could enjoy the house for five minutes before demo day officially started, but we forgot cups:

Let demo day commence folks! Oh but first, here’s some photos of this place before we rip it apart. Don't you love the forest green? Maybe we'll keep it! ;) Click on the gallery below to see fixer upper #3:


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