It’s demo day at our place! And we have a plan, folks!

We ripped out the carpets first and were they ever GROSS. They were 30 years old and the only thing left of the underlay below the carpets was some green dust. Oh and what a smell!

We started removing the stucco from the interior walls and it turns out this was a pretty terrible job. The stucco was rock hard and sharp and was attached to steel mesh that was nailed to wood. We ended up having to smash the stucco off the wall with a huge sledge hammer. And then taking the steel mesh off the wooden walls was a whole separate process – the nails were really long and the wire was hard to bend and really sharp. We had about a thousand little scratches and cuts from the mesh. Did I mention we got possession of the house on July 31st and it was only about 100 degrees in the house while we did all this back-breaking stucco demolition? Yikes!

We removed a large portion of the wall between the living room and the kitchen. With the way the roof lines were designed and with this wall being attached to a load-bearing wall, we couldn’t remove the whole thing, but created a very large opening in the wall that would make the kitchen and dining room feel much more open to the rest of the living space.

We ripped out the entire kitchen. We actually saved the fridge for a short while to store our drinks and food in there while we were working at that house, but it turns out that it barely functioned so we quickly got rid of that as well. Everything in this house was worn out and tired.

I should mention that Cam’s Dad came to help us – what a trooper! This demolition was not fun and having a third person that happened to be way stronger than me was a life saver! We owe him a HUGE THANK YOU! And Cam's mom did a lot of babysitting through this reno too! We couldn't have done this one without Nana and Papa!

Oh and Nana and Bennett brought lunch for the demo team:

Let the fun begin! Click on the gallery below to see photos from demo day.

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