As much as we loved having a time passage to the 1960’s through our basement, we decided to give the whole space a cosmetic overhaul. It seems hard to believe that we wanted to rip out the wood paneling, ugly ceiling tiles, the retro built-in entertainment unit, and even the yellow bathroom! ;) We decided to keep the entire floor plan the exact same since it had a good flow and provided everything on our wish-list:

- Open-floor Plan

- Large Laundry

- Second Bathroom

- Spare Room

- Lots of Storage

- An Extra Living Room Space

- A Gym Area

- A Bar/Food Buffet Area

Take a peek at the floorplan:

Demolition day rocked along pretty well. Next we put up drywall. And get this: we went to Palm Springs with Cam’s family for a week and hired out the mudding and taping!! WHAAAAAT?! To be honest, we hate taping and mudding and the 200 coats of drywall sanding that follow so for the first time, we decided it was worth the money to hire this job out to someone that we knew while we were away. So we were laying by the pool in Palm Springs while our basement reno action continued - we do not hire out many jobs so we felt like royalty for a second. We came home to see that our entire basement was ready to be primed! Mentally, mudding is the longest job of a reno so this was money well spent for us. We got to work painting the basement. Next we added trim and new doors. We also updated the pot-lights. The bar area got a paint refresh. We laid new flooring in the spare room, bathroom, and laundry room.

The bathroom got a quick and simple update, but it was a beautiful transformation. We kept the original footprint of the bathroom so we did not have to move plumbing, but everything was updated. We added the Hemnes vanity from IKEA and loved it – it was easy to clean, added lots of storage, and was nice and bright. We put white subway tiles behind the vanity and in the shower, and both featured an accent line of tile that had rectangles running vertically.

And the laundry room was another one of my favourite spaces and done on a minimalist budget. This area was originally unfinished so there was a lot of room for improvement. We drywalled and painted the room, added paint and pot-lights, and separated a storage area. We got a new washer and dryer and set them up with a counter over top of them. Loved the end result! Also loved the extremely low cost.

Before we knew it, we had a fresh new basement that was practical and functional and gave us so much more space. We had the perfect space for guests to stay too with the large spare bedroom and the adjoining bathroom.

Here's the landing to the basement:

And down the stairs:

Here's the end wall:

Here's another view of the end wall with (some) furniture.

Another view of this side area, without the gym. This area would also be the perfect kids' play area for a family with kids.

Bar/Buffet area:

The hallway at the bottom of the stairs:

The spare room in the basement set up as a gym:

And the same space as above, but staged as a spare room. When we turned the second room on the main floor into an office for Cam to work from home, we were down a spare room. We had a lot of family that lived outside of the city so we get a lot of guests and therefore, we make good use of the guest bedroom. We moved the gym equipment out of this room and into the piano area in the basement open space. This set-up actually worked better for when we had guests over because they had their own little bathroom just outside of this room.

Finally, click on the gallery below for a reminder of what the 1960’s version of this basement looked like:

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