Check out the new and improved front entrance – a great rehab project to make this house more functional. The front entrance was a large, unused room that seemed to be wasted space. In a house that is only 810 square feet, there certainly isn’t any room for wasted space so we split the room in half to be used as a front entrance and a walk-in-closet.

Before Photos:

We split the front entryway in half, using the other half as a walk-in closet:

The walk-in-closet initially had all-season carpet in it, however, when we ripped that out, we were thrilled to find original hardwood flooring underneath so we refinished the flooring at the same time as we finished the flooring in the rest of the house.

We painted the walls in the front entrance using the ‘Almond’ colour from the Rona Collection. This was a practical colour choice for the front entryway, as it was neutral, hid traffic marks, and was bright and welcoming.

We used the same trim, baseboard, and crown moulding that was used in the rest of the house. All of the trim was painted the same creamy white. Unfortunately I don’t have the paint name since it was a match from another house we had lived in.

The front door was wooden and was in pretty good shape structurally, but had a few wear marks on both sides. Since it wasn’t in the budget for us at the moment to buy a new front door, and we liked the look of the three windows on the door, we opted to paint the same colour as the trim and it turned out great!

You may have noticed that the front entryway doesn’t have a coat closet. In fact, there is not a coat closet at the back of the house either. Cam and I weren’t a fan of the lack of closets when we first looked at the house, but our original thought was that we would build a very functional closet space in the front entrance. However, once we got to work, we just couldn’t seem to find an option that comfortably fit the walk-in-closet and the closet space in the front entryway. So when choosing between a large walk-in closet and a coat closet in the front entrance, I definitely wanted the walk-in. So we opted to go with the walk-in closet. This meant that we would have to put any out-of-season shoes and outer wear into totes and store them in the basement when they weren’t being used. We put a small shoe rack behind the front door. We also put a line of coat hooks in the basement stairway since it was so close to the back door, giving us some extra hanging space that was out of the way.

Finally, Cam built a really great shelf in the front entrance that had hooks on it, creating a beautiful (but practical) focal piece when walking in the front door.

The shelf with coat hooks that Cam built fit into the house brilliantly. It definitely had some character and charm to it. It was painted the same colour as our trim. And it was even built using the same crown moulding that was hung in the rest of the house. The hooks were brown and matched marvelously with the hardwood flooring and the bench that we placed below the shelf. I love love love this shelf – and it really brought the front entrance together for us.

Thanks to Tim from remodelingguy.net for the inspiration and directions: Total cost - $45. phfff what a steal!

Before and After:

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