We get possession of this house on June 15 and we have to give up possession of our other house on July 1. Unfortunately, this is not as long of an overlap as we had hoped for to get some of the big demo and renos out of the way prior to us moving into the basement while we finish the rest of the main floor. So the plan is to get possession of the house and complete all of the demolition on the main floor at once.

Next up is the hardwood flooring. We will lay new hardwood in the kitchen, hallway, and entryway to match the existing hardwood and then we will refinish, stain, and varathane all of the hardwood flooring at once. We want to get the hardwood out of the way because it is one dusty job that we don’t want to do while we are living there.

Here’s the original floor plan:

Click on the gallery below to see the pictures:

<--- SOLD!! Demo Day! -->

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