Living room with updated fireplace

The fireplace can be a real focal point in a room - good or bad! The stone fireplace in our living room seemed dark, heavy and to be honest, it was quite the eyesore.

I know there are a lot of tired fireplaces out there and paint can be a pretty simple fix.

We were able to make a big impact on this fireplace for less than $100 with 3 types of paint:

- Can of Kilz primer

- Can of paint

- Can of spray heat-resistant paint

We started this project by getting primer on the stonework. The stones were quite porous and had lots of grooves so I used a combination of a mini sponge paint roller and a 2" brush to make sure we were getting good coverage with the primer. We gave the primer a day to dry and then we painted it with the latex paint. We chose a cream-coloured paint. It wasn't nearly as hard to paint on the second coat because we had gotten in the grooves so well with the first coat of primer.

Next, we moved to the actual fireplace and took off any pieces that were brass and removable. We took those pieces outdoors and placed them on cardboard and sprayed them with the high-resistant spray paint. We chose a matte black spray paint, as the black on the fireplace was matte and we wanted the sprayed pieces to be consistent with the front of the fireplace.

The fireplace looks fresh now and consistent with the colours in the rest of our home. We really didn't spend a lot of time on this project and it came in under $100 so we're happy on all fronts!


how to paint a fireplace


painted fireplace
painted fireplace

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