Surprise surprise, I have another organizational technique that I like to use - I like timelines and to-do lists, but lucky for me, my husband LOVES to-do lists as well, so we use these a lot in our house. A person can get a lot of satisfaction from making a list and knocking it down... seriously ;)

We bought this house on February 15, gained possession on March 15, and needed to move in by April 15. One month to plan, one month to renovate, and this seriously large DIY project needed to be in a livable state.

While we still had access to the house on February 15 with our realtor, we measured out each room exactly. We were especially careful to take very accurate measurements in the kitchen so we could start to examine our cupboard options. We measured out all of the trim that we would need. We also took the 'before' pictures to jog our memories as we were planning reno projects in the next month.

Over the next month, we finalized the floor plan that we were shooting for with this new house.

We weighed our options for kitchen cupboards and decided to go with IKEA. We used IKEA's online kitchen designer to layout our new kitchen. We don't actually have an IKEA in Saskatoon, but we could still get the kitchen delivered here for $500, which is actually pretty reasonable when you consider that there were a whopping 107 pieces delivered, including a heavy dishwasher and sink. We didn't plan on ordering the kitchen before we gained possession of the house, as we wanted to ensure that all of our measurements were still accurate once we removed the wall between the kitchen and livingroom and exposed the brick chimney that was in the kitchen. Getting started on the kitchen design over our month of planning gave us a lot of time to decide on the perfect kitchen plan without rushing us though.

Over our month of planning, we also looked at floor stain and paint colour options, taking home samples of anything we liked. We also started to design our bathroom since it was going to be the first reno project that we tackled. We picked out tile, a vanity, toilet, tub, faucets, and lights. In order to create some flow in this small house, we wanted our bathroom vanity to match the kitchen cupboards, but IKEA doesn't have a bathroom line that matches their kitchen lines so we opted to use a vanity that was actually a lower kitchen cabinet. This came with some challenges that we'll talk about later, but the biggest challenge proved to be finding an undermounted sink that loved that worked for this over-sized vanity, since adding a surface mount sink that made the vanity even higher was completely out of the question.

We ordered baseboards, trim, and crown moulding from Home Depot and arranged to have it delievered in the first week after we took possession.

We ordered a construction bin and had it delivered first thing on the first day of renos.

We made a priority list for the interior renovation:

- Heavy demolition of the bathroom, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, 2nd bedroom, and front entrance

- Reno the bathroom

- Refinish the hardwood floors & cover

- Reno the kitchen

- Reno the master bedroom

- Reno the walk-in closet

- Reno the front entrance

- Reno the 2nd bedroom

- Easy as that - done! ;)

On possession day, there was a gift basket from the previous home owners - that's a nice touch.


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