Cam had his heart absolutely set on exposing the brick chimney in the kitchen. We worked around the chimney in our kitchen layout and even included it as a feature in our peninsula. When we first looked at the house, you could not tell there had been a chimney in the kitchen because it was covered in drywall, but when we went into the basement, we could see that a brick chimney was still in place and likely went straight up through the kitchen. Cam immediately fell in love with the idea of having exposed brick in the kitchen.

During demolition, we carefully pounded our hammers in the area where we expected the chimney to be and our hammers went straight through the drywall. We pulled off the drywall and to our surprise, there were no bricks to be discovered, but only another white wall behind the drywall had be unveiled. Again, we carefully hit this white wall and realized the chimney had been covered directly in plaster. Ahhhh!

I tried scraping off the plaster, but it turns out that brick acts as a very good base for the plaster to adhere to. With a lot of elbow grease, a hammer, and a pry bar, I could hit off maybe an inch or so of plaster at a time. This was a deal breaker for me. I was willing to give up on the dream of having exposed brick in the kitchen, but there was no talking Cam into giving up on his dream.

What happened next you might ask? Removing the plaster and restoring the brick somehow became a 'Chantel job'. I have no idea how I got strapped with this project. I can only say that I must be the best wife ever.

And so I began. Chipping away at the plaster inch by inch. I chipped away at this chimney every day after work for about four hours a night for a solid week and then continued to spend the majority of the weekend working on it as well.

After the plaster had been removed, the chimney bricks were dull and still covered in a light film of plaster that I had to sand off with a wire brush.

After I got down to the brick, I scrubbed the brick several times with hot water and soap to remove dust and dirt.

Finally, a clean, beautiful, oh-so-wonderful, exposed brick chimney!

Unfortunately, we didn't take many photos, however we did use this great how-to to help us out. If you plan on exposing some brick this also could be a great place to start.


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