We triple measured the kitchen space and then set out to enter the measurements into the IKEA kitchen planner.

We built the kitchen on IKEA’s 3d planning tool, which enabled us to pick each individual cabinet and see how it would look. As we were planning the kitchen, we really tried to imagine how we would use the space and plan what we would put in each cabinet to help ensure that we chose the interior of each cabinet appropriately. And once we were happy with the look and flow of the cabinets, we ordered them. We currently live in a city that doesn’t have an IKEA, so we opted to pay the delivery fee which worked out to be about $500, but even when we accounted for this fee, going with an IKEA kitchen was much less money than going with any other cabinet options.

Here’s the kitchen layout:

Can you believe how many boxes were shipped from IKEA?!:

Once the cabinets were put together and installed, we had granite put in the kitchen. We chose a white-coloured granite, with grey and brown river-wash streaks in it. We picked some stainless steel appliances that were appropriately sized for this smaller kitchen space. And lastly, we chose classic white subway tiles to use as the backsplash.

Here are the lights that were over the peninsula:

Also love the farm-style sink that we used! It is a double sink and really large, which makes it practical, but it’s also beautiful! It is from IKEA --> Domsjo

The final look of this kitchen was gorgeous! And the space seemed much bigger than the original kitchen did. The new layout was much more open and functional. This kitchen included significantly more cabinet space and featured a peninsula that had the exposed brick chimney going through it. This stunning new kitchen fit seamlessly in this character home, but still stole the show in this renovation.



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