This bungalow had 3 bedrooms on the main floor, which we used for the Master Bedroom, nursery, and the third bedroom started off as a spare bedroom and was later converted into a home office.

We painted this room the same creamy colour that was on the fireplace in the living room, but it definitely looked a lot more yellow on the wall than creamy white. We decided to leave the yellow colour on the wall though since it was a smaller room that could use a happy and bright colour. We finished the trim, changed the carpets, and installed a new door and double closet doors. Overall, this room only required cosmetic revisions so it was a simple renovation.

Here’s a peek of what the room looked like as a spare bedroom:

My husband got a job with a company out of the city resulting in him working out of the home pretty frequently, so we decided to convert the spare bedroom into a home office. He liked that his office was on the main floor and had a window, making it a light and bright space. This room wasn’t very large, but office furniture doesn’t take up very much space, so this room definitely felt larger as an office.

And let's not forget about the original picture from back when we purchased the house:


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