You may have read our post on refinishing hardwood floors for our first fixer upper (check it out here), but we're finishing hardwood floors for a second time and there's a couple more tips that we found work really well!

We are over the moon happy with how these hardwood floors turned out! Here's what we did:

- Sanded the floors with a round sander and went over the floors with multiple different grit-levels.

- Here's what we tried that made all the difference: water-popping! We went over the floor with a cloth that was damp enough to make the grain in the wood really pop out. Once it had dried, we applied the stain. Be sure not to walk on the floor with anything on your feet but socks through the water-popping stage.

- We chose Minwax - Jacobean as the stain colour. We loved this colour. It was a very natural looking brown colour that didn't have any red tones to it. It was also lighter than our last house, so you could easily see the wood grain.

- We chose a satin-finish varathane. We varathaned the floors very evenly and let them dry before we gave them an ultra light sanding, wiped up the dust, and applied another coat of varathane.

- We kept traffic off of these floors for 72 hours afterwards.

Click on the gallery below to see the work-in progress:

Here's the final look:

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