If you have not heard the big news yet, take a peek at our baby announcement! We had a sweet little boy in November 2014.

You may have noticed that I get a little wrapped up in the details – my A-type personality thrives on details. We found out which gender we were having mainly so I could spend a good chunk of my pregnancy planning the nursery. I was so excited to put together this room and have it ready for when our little guy arrived!

We decided to go with colours in the nursery that would still flow with the rest of the house, but be unique for the nursery. We chose to put the seafoam colour on the wall, but our colour palette included gray, yellow, and white as well.

We wanted to have a casual and slightly rustic meets modern feel in this room, along with a slight zoo theme. We decided not to go with a separate piece of furniture for the diaper changing station, so instead we bought the IKEA Hemnes dresser in white and put a diaper changing pad on top of it. We loved that this 8-drawer dresser added a ton of storage space to this room, considering this bedroom didn’t have a closet. And we found this ingenious diaper pad cover on Etsy that is made in a vinyl material that is so simple and easy to keep clean. My husband made a shelf that had hooks on it to hang above the dresser. (It’s the same shelf with hooks that we made for the entryway in our last house).

On the shelf above the dresser, we added a variety of picture frames from IKEA. I antiqued them using glaze and yellow paint. In some of the frames, I included maternity photos or ultrasound photos. And then we found some great artwork on Etsy to put in a couple frames too. This artwork featured a little gray elephant blowing bubbles and another picture of the same elephant floating from a yellow balloon.

In the corner, we added a nursing/cuddling/reading space that featured a gray arm chair with a foot stool. The arm chair is a wing back chair from IKEA. I was thankful I picked this chair – the arms allowed me to rest my own arms as I was cuddling our son to sleep many nights. Some of these nights, I would fall asleep myself and the wing backs would let me rest my head and let me get a little sleep as well. Beside the chair and foot stool, we set a white side table that was perfect to keep a lamp on it and whatever loose items we needed to set down while I was nursing.

We bought a white crib and I found the perfect crib sheets set that were white, gray, and yellow with little zoo animals on them. This set came with the fitted crib sheet to cover the mattress and then a fuzzy, fleece blanket that we tucked into the sides of the crib so that it covered the centre part of the mattress. Using the fleece blanket meant that our little guy didn’t have to lay right on the cold sheet and had a warmer blanket under him.

My husband and I made a whitewashed headboard out of old pallets to hang behind the crib. Check out that post here!

And I fell in love with this Zebra photo from IKEA so it found a space in our nursery too! We also bought these black-out two-toned gray curtains from IKEA that were perfect for blocking out the light when our little guy was napping during the day.

I purchased the footstool, table lamp, and crib sheets from Target, but unfortunately Target did not last long in Canada and I cannot find links to these items on the website.

Love the final look of the nursery! We found that the space was quite functional and we didn’t feel like we were lacking anything.

Okay, there may have been more pictures of Bennett than of the bedroom - sorry about that - I am excited to show this little guy off!

Here's some of the before-action for you too:

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