The Master Bedroom underwent a pretty significant transformation that resulted in a space that felt like a retreat. The room felt much more like an adult space when we were finished with it. Before we got started, the Master Bedroom had a very bold pink on the walls, it had popcorn ceiling, poor lighting, an old carpet, and brown trim and doors. The room was only about 12 x 10 and did not have an ensuite or walk-in closet. It felt like the house was really lacking a defined Master Bedroom.

We did not have space to add an ensuite, but we did some creative re-jigging in the back of the house to add some space to the bathroom so it could at least feature a double vanity. We also ripped out the linen closet in the hallway and added that space to the Master Bedroom so that we had enough square footage to create a small, but incredibly functional walk-in-closet with plenty of storage nooks.

Here is the original floor plan to help you picture the floor plan revisions that I am explaining:

Here is the new floor plan:

We added a classy chandelier above the bed:

We painted the walls the seafoam colour that was used throughout the house, changed the trim, and took off the popcorn stippling and painted the ceiling a fresh white.

This is the final look – take one:

We felt like the bedroom had undergone extensive changes, but it looked a bit bland. A few décor elements were definitely needed to achieve the elegant Master Bedroom that we had envisioned. We purchased new night tables that had a rustic-elegance to them, but they also featured white and brown wood on them so they helped to incorporate our brown bed into the room, but still stick with the white-seafoam colour palette we had used throughout the house. We purchased a piece of artwork that had seafoam and mustard yellow and grey flowers on it that I absolutely fell in love with. I was driving by the store and saw this artwork hanging in the window and I needed to have it. When I went inside to take a closer look at this artwork that I felt was made for me, I saw that it had this neat gold frame on it that made me love it even more. So we also purchased glass lamps for the night tables that had a gold base on them and we purchased a gold mirror as well. I added another splash of the mustard yellow by adding a décor pilliow in that colour. I found a matching set of 3 detailed, rustic white and brown candle holders that were perfect fit for this room. We had a brown bench that was used in our entryway at our last house and didn’t yet have a place in the new house so we brought it into the bedroom too so that I would have somewhere to set the new candle holders. We are incredibly happy with the final look of this room! We felt like this was the first ‘big-kid’ room we’ve ever had and I think all of the really thought-out, elegant details help to achieve the adult-space feel that we ended up with in this Master Bedroom.

This is the final look – take two – for real this time:

And let's not forget about the original-original picture, back from when we first purchased the house:

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