I know firsthand that this is a living room you can lounge in! All you have to do is turn the fireplace on, grab a blanket and cuddle into the couch. Our little puggle never misses an opportunity to snuggle so as soon as the warm, fuzzy blanket comes off the back of the couch, Oyster is running over and getting in on the action or maybe non-action in this scenario…!? The two big windows on either side of the fireplace let in a lot of light. And you can stare up at the high ceiling with the big wooden beams that give off a bit of a you’re-at-a-vacation-lodge feeling. Oooh la la!!

It really didn’t require a lot to bring this living room into the current century! We darkened the beams (check out that post). We refinished the floors (check out that post). We refreshed the fireplace for less than $100 (check that out here). And then we splashed some paint on the walls and added some new trim. Brought in the furniture and we had our feet up in no time! Maybe I oversimplified this process just a tad, but overall, the living room was pretty straight forward.

Here are some photos of this cozy living room space:

Here are the photos of the 1960’s version of this living room:

When we first moved in, we did have a couch that we had bought about 3 years earlier, but it did not age well at all and looked much older than 3 years old. I will be honest with you, we did not have this couch for long when we brought our little puppy home and she did put it through hell. She chewed a huge hole in the inside of the arm (that we slyly hid under a throw pillow). She chewed pens that exploded on the couch cushions so we resourcefully flipped the cushions over. That poor couch had its’ legs chewed and the dust cover on the bottom was shred to pieces. Our dog would also lay across the back of the couch when we were at work so she could see out the window, but this would cause the back cushions to squish down and lose their shape. Every now and then, we would catch her trying to dig a hole through the couch and she was pretty successful in making a few worn-out spots where you could see the stuffing showing through the fabric. The point of my story though, is that we have some pictures of this house with the old couch in it and then pictures of the same living room with a new couch and the switch-out of one piece of furniture does make a pretty significant change for the better! Take a look at photos of the same space with our old couch:

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