It was always a dream of ours to renovate a house and flip it and I cannot tell you how grateful we are that we were able to take on this project and bring this dream to life. I am proud of my husband and of myself for all of the hard work, late nights, and sweat that we poured into this house. We grew so much along this journey! And this little beauty of a house has come alive again!

As much as we love our sweet little house, we are putting it up for sale! Yup, you read that correctly! It seems crazy that we went through all of that work to turn around and put it up for sale, but our original plan was to flip this house, and even though we fell in love with this place, we are sticking with the plan! The house is staged, we took some primo shots of the place, and the for-sale sign is on the front lawn. Wish us luck!

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