Further to my crazy planning from the last post, we have floor plans to keep us on track!

Before: After:

(We made the before and after floor plans for you to view using 'Autodesk Homestyler': http://www.homestyler.com/)

Well there's a couple big changes between the before & after floor plans:

  1. Removal of the wall between the kitchen and the living room. We're after an open-concept layout on the main floor which will create the feeling of a larger main level. Removing this wall also creates the perfect spot for a small peninsula in the kitchen.

  2. Removal of the linen closet in the hall and add this space to the bathroom. The bathroom is currently so small that we can't even open the door the whole way without it hitting the toilet, so we have to open the door half way and do a little jig around the door to get to the toilet - not cool. By removing the linen closet in the hall, we can gain some much needed space in the bathroom.

  3. Removal of the current master bedroom closet and add this space to the bathroom. In order to make the changes that were needed in the bathroom, just adding space from the linen closet wasn't quite going to cut it so we're also stealing a little space for the bathroom renos from the master bedroom closet.

  4. The front entrance is not being utilized at all right now, so we're creating a doorway from the master bedroom into the front porch, putting up a wall to split the front entrance in half, and making this space into a walk-in-closet. As any lady would be, I am so excited for this closet.


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