This house featured a beautiful vaulted ceiling that had three large wood beams in the living room and dining room. We loved the the way the vaulted ceiling made the space seem larger and airy. The beams were red oak and the colour was simply not cohesive with the rest of our seafoam colour palette.

In order to change the colour of the beams, I was sure I would end up standing on a scaffold with my arms above my head for extended periods of time while I sanded the beams down so they would absorb a darker stain colour. Sounds like fun, right? I was dreading this job, but I really didn't like the current colour of the beams.

You can imagine how happy I was when I got up onto the scaffold and touched the beam and realized that they were not varathaned and therefore, no sanding would be required. I dipped a white cotton cloth into stain and rubbed it into the beam and almost instantly, I had updated beams.

We used a Mixwax oil stain called Jacobean on our hardwood floors and on the wooden beams on the ceiling and loved the colour!

Here's a sample of the Jacobean stain:

Before picture of the beams - a lot of red!:

Drum roll please .... The BEAMS! A lot less red!:

It only cost about $10 to buy the can of stain to complete this project - worth every penny!

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