It's demolition day.... or demolition DAYS! A reciprocating saw and hammers were our best friends for this phase of the project. Wear masks - you don't know what type of product you're ripping out, or what's been left on that 50 year old rug! Gross.

Our first surprise of the demolition was finding out that the drywall in the house was screwed into the plaster behind it. We had assumed that the plaster had been removed before the drywall was hung. Dealing with removing the drywall and the plaster probably tripled our workload and made for a messy clean-up. We had planned to leave the old drywall hanging and patch in the closets we were removing, but this was much harder to do than we thought it would be because the drywall had plaster behind it, adding an extra 1/2 - 3/4" to the 1/2" drywall, making it almost impossible to smooth out with our 1/2" drywall. As a result, we ended up removing more drywall/plaster than we had planned for.

Our next surprise was finding hardwood under the linoleum and plywood in the kitchen. The plywood was nailed into the hardwood floor, causing significant damage to the wood. We pulled up the plywood to see there was also some staining from past sinks that were in the kitchen over the years, however, there was not any rot or mold. We are hopeful that if we sand this floor enough and pick a stain dark enough to cover some of the damage, that this floor can be saved! What a good surprise!

Bathroom Demolition:

More bathroom demolition. As you can see, we've removed the wall separating the bathroom from the linen closet in the hall and the closet in the master bedroom, so things are looking a little roomier in the bathroom already.

Kitchen demolition. Somebody is happy at with his progress!

Safety First Kids! Safety glasses always work best on the top of your head ;)

Through our home inspection process, we had it confirmed that the wall between the living room and kitchen was non-load bearing so we proceeded to open it up and remove it.

Removing the carpet was one of the most satisfying and disgusting jobs all in one. The carpet had awful stains in it and smelled terrible. We cut slits in the carpet with a utility knife so that we could roll the carpet up into easy-to-carry portions. In the high-traffic areas on this carpet, the underlay had been completely disintegrated and left behind oily marks on the hardwood floor. In other areas on the carpet, the carpet and underlay were stuck to the hardwood floor because of something that was spilled and left on the carpet and never removed - we pulled these areas up gently and scraped and washed anything off the hardwood floors that was left behind. This job did become satisfying once we could see that the hardwood floor underneath the carpet was in pretty good shape considering the age of the house and didn't have any real damage that a sander could not remove. The house also began to smell a lot fresher soon after the carpet was removed.

Now that's one full, and smelly dumpster!

Thankful this part is over!


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