This bathroom was in bad need of an update to bring it into the current century. The whole bathroom was in very original condition, which made it about 46 years old.

As the only bathroom on the main floor of this bungalow, we wanted to be sure that the final layout and flow of the bathroom was functional. So we actually decided that it was worth it to us to take out the closet from the spare room that was right next to the bathroom and add that space to the bathroom to make it larger. This extra space in the bathroom was used to add a double vanity and a whole lot of storage! Who doesn't love a bathroom with tons of storage? We ended up with a floor to ceiling towel, linen, and storage cupboard next to a double vanity that had 6 drawers and 2 sets of cupboards below the sinks. Glorious!

On the design front, we wanted the bathroom to feel consistent with the rest of the house, so we chose the same white granite countertop and white cabinets from the kitchen, the seafoam and white colour palette, and the same modern look with simple lines.

Without further ado, let me reveal the bathroom:

The floor tiles are 12" x 24". They were called 'Bamboo' and came in the colour 'Oyster'. With several lines of colour running through the tiles including hints of seafoam, gray, and white, the tiles complimented the colour palette featured throughout this house.

The vanity had two sinks and faucets in it that all featured clean lines:

The bathtub faucet matched the sink faucets:

And the tub featured modern lines as well (this is not a photo from our bathroom, but shows the same tub that we purchased):

The bathroom light that we found complimented the ceiling lights that we found for our hallway and entryway. We purchased this light for $109 from a local lighting store, but they didn't have a link to it on their website, so I have included a link to this light on, however, the price on isn't as good. Go local lighting store!

And this just wouldn't be a DIY post without some pictures showing the incredibly ugly before and during photos of this bathroom:

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