There were a lot of small design decisions that we made in this bathroom to ensure that the final result fit the character of this 1920’s home.

  • Paint: We chose to use the Wythe Blue that we used in other areas of the house in the bathroom as well. Using this colour again in another room creates a smooth flow of consistency throughout the house.

  • Floor Tiles: We found a 12”x24” floor tile from Rona that had a beautiful matte finish and it happened to have lines on it that were very close to the Wythe Blue colour so we thought these tiles would be perfect. The 12” x 24” tile size was quite a modern choice for this bathroom, which helped us achieve the design we were shooting for: classic with a modern twist.

  • Bath Tiles: We love the classic simplistic look of white subway tiles so the bath tiles were an easy design decision for us. We also wanted to stick to a simple colour in the bath because we already had a fairly bold paint colour in the room and floor tiles that were grey with splashes of colour.

  • Vanity: Again, we were looking for a consistent flow throughout the house so we opted to use an IKEA base cabinet that matched our kitchen cabinets as a vanity in the bathroom. The base kitchen cabinets are larger than the average bathroom vanity, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you try this.

  • Sink: Since we had chose to use the larger than average vanity, we simply could not go with a surface mount sink or else hand-washing in this bathroom was going to get awkward. So we opted for a undermount sink. It took me a long time to find the perfect sink, but I actually ended up finding it online from Home Depot. This sink was undermount, but also had simple lines inside the bowl that lined up with the classic look wonderfully.

  • Faucets: Is there another choice that I could have made besides farm style faucets for this house?! I don’t think so…! We bought this single-control faucet for the sink, with the matching faucet and showerhead for the bath. We chose nickel faucets and hardware for the entire house for consistency. I was thrilled with this faucet choice as it had real character that worked perfectly in this bathroom.

  • Lights: I chose lights that had a lot of texture on them, as they looked quite classy.

  • Mirror: I found a mirror that had texture on it that complimented the bathroom lights perfectly. Together, they looked very elegant. I love love love this mirror!

  • Toilet: Picking a toilet was easy, as we just chose something that was simple, but efficient, and not $400 – sounds like a long list, but it really wasn’t.

Finally, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: before and after photos for this bathroom renovation.

Here are the before photos of the bathroom, just in case you were missing the pink: 

 Update: see phase 1 where we started this bathroom reno - it's come a long way

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