Once the demolition of our new bathroom space was complete it was time to start building it back up..but better. I'm never quite sure how people were able to survive with such small non-functional bathroom spaces for whole families. We don't need anything super fancy and for a small budget we were able to turn drab to fab, lame to fame, subpar to superb (okay I'll stop).

After the demolition was done (read the post here) we laid down a new subfloor that gave us a smooth sturdy surface for the tile that way going to be laid.

Of course the next step for us was to frame in the old closet doors so we could have our shower closed off. Once we had the tub and shower plumbing installed we used a cement board to seal off the framing. With the subfloor screwed down, shower framed off and, cement board up it was time to begin tiling.

Oh I forgot to mention - remember that part about being plaster underneath the old drywall that we had to remove - yeah well that left us with a bunch of drywall to install and mud. Now Cam is not the biggest fan of mudding and taping and we probably spent more time doing this than anything else, but we're happy to say it's smooth and now looks great! - now back to the rewarding part - Tiling the shower!

To match the age of the house we went with a 2x9 inch subway tile - timeless! This was our first subway tile job we've ever done so we went a little nitpicky on making sure it was perfect. Instead of using the tub as our straight edge for the first row of tile we used a level, drew a pefectly straight and level line and went up from there. I've seen showers the used the tub as their starting point and had tiles end up being wavy from poor installation and that is no way I'm going to be showering!

We especially love the glass tile row we inserted, nothing to fancy just a nice little touch that with the pain color we've chosen will really pull the room together. With me on the tile saw and Cam gluing this shower went relatively fast - though being cramped in a tub all day -I think CAm would care to differ.

Once the shower was complete we began on the floor. We again went with a brick style pattern with these 12x24 inch tiles that with the dark slate looking color had a tinge of teal to match the glass tile in the shower. With big tiles comes two things - don't forget to back butter your tiles (click here to see what that is) and quick progress.

We started our way on the far wall against the tub and worked our way out (obviously) and by the end of the night we had a new tiled floor. After letting it set for the night we came back the next day and grouted both the shower and the floor - my back is sore, my hands are caked with grout but we've got the starts of one damn good looking bathroom.

A couple days of rest are in order - but I think our excitement will bring us back sooner than our bodies agree to.

Update: see where this bathroom reno finished. A long way from the pink palace it was!

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