Some of the best bang for our money was spent on painting the exterior of this house! You wouldn’t believe how many people walked by the house while we were painting it and said “I have lived in the neighbourhood my whole life and know this house as ‘the little yellow house on the corner’, but I am so happy you are changing the colour – it looks beautiful and loved now!”

Painting the house took a significant amount of work, but really didn’t cost much considering the amazing transformation that took place! We painted the entire exterior for about $500.

We started this project by pressure washing the exterior of the house. After it dried, we went over the exterior with a scraper to take off any loose paint. The exterior really was in great condition considering it still had the original wood siding on it, but we did fill or repair any spots that were in rough shape.

Since we were pretty sure that the paint on the exterior of the house was not latex given it’s age, we decided to prime the house first. We bought a 4-gallon pail of primer and got to work. Cam’s parents offered to help paint the house, which was so generous of them! So they came into town for a long weekend and helped roll on and hand-paint the primer onto our house. After an entire long weekend, we had only finished the primer with 4 hard-working individuals busting their butts! Cam’s parents went to ‘pick-up coffees’ on the last day that they were there and showed up with a house-warming gift for us: a new paint sprayer! Haha. What a great gift!

The following weekend, the next 2 coats of colour flew by with the new paint sprayer!

And then we spent the evenings during the following week painting the trim on the house. Originally, the house was all yellow so nothing specific really popped out on the exterior of the house, but the obvious terrible choice of colour. So we chose to use white as the trim colour and we carefully planned out where we should place the white paint to give the house a little more character. We painted all of the wood trim on the corner of the house, the trim on the bottom of the siding, the trim around the windows and doors, and lastly, we chose to put white on the gabel roofs at the front of the house, which really caught your eye.

The colour we chose was: Montpelier (AF-555) from Benjamin Moore. It was a strong colour that took on both gray and blue. This house was in an older neighbourhood with homes that had a lot of colour so we thought this was the perfect colour choice to fit in with the neighbouring houses, but also to give it a modern twist.

We love how sweet this little house turned out! A few coats of paint and some elbow grease went a long way in creating a dream home!



Click on the gallery to see the progress:

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