The entryway is currently open the living room, but it wasn’t that way when we first took possession of this house. There was a 3 foot wide wall that separated the two rooms. The wall was nice to have if you were focused on distinctly defining the entryway as its own space. Cam and I were more interested in achieving our goal of having an entirely open-concept space across the front part of the house so we took down the wall between the entryway and the living room and there aren’t any regrets.

We ran the same paint colour, trim, and hardwood flooring through the entryway so the space continued the flow from the rest of the house and wasn’t broken up at all by a cosmetic change. We just kept a large mat at the front door to protect the hardwood and had no problems with that strategy. We added white double doors on the closet that added some character to the space, but also made for a lighter, airier feel.

We liked that you could see into the living room, dining room, and kitchen as soon as you walked into the house – the space felt larger as soon as you walked in than it did before the renovation.

Lastly, check out the before photo:

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