Picking the paint is one of my favourite parts! And what a journey we went on to find this paint choice.

We were looking for a paint colour that embraced the age of the house, but also looked fresh and modern. I was thinking that I wanted a colour in the aqua family, but all of the colour options I was looking at were too blue or too green or too bright.

One night, I was watching an episode of Desperate Housewives and there was a scene in Bree Van de Kamp's house. I noticed the beautiful, calming seafoam colour in her entryway and immediately fell in love with it. I rewound the episode so that Cam could see it and he really liked it too. Great, now how was I going to find out what colour was?! Luckily, Cam thought to google what paint colour was in Bree Van de Kamp's house and sure enough, there was a website talking about the colours used on Wisteria Lane.

The seafoam colour that I fell in love with was from Benjamin Moore and it was titled 'Wythe Blue'. When we looked up this colour on Benjamin Moore's website, it turns out this colour was 'Colour of the Year for 2012'. This colour was part of Benjamin Moore's Historic Colour Collection and was inspired by documented colours found in the 18th- and 19th century. It was a timeless and elegant colour that worked historically or in a contemporary space.

Wythe Blue:

Absolutely in love with this colour.

The complimentary colour that we chose for our front entrance, hallway, and bedrooms was 'Almond' from the Rona Collection. This sandy colour was a stunning compliment for the seafoam colour, Wythe Blue.


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