A Walk-In Closet Fit for a Princess – this Princess at least.

This house had a very large front entryway and we found that most of the space was really not being utilized, so as we showed on the floor plans, we turned half of the front entryway into a walk-in-closet fit for a princess. I had never had a walk-in-closet before so a 6’ x 8’ walk-in-closet with hardwood flooring, a window, and customized shelving seemed pretty spectacular to me. My husband earned some serious brownie points with this project.

We kicked off this project by cutting a 28” doorway between the master bedroom and the front entryway. We built in the door frame. Next up we framed in a wall that split the front entryway in half, which created our walk-in closet space. We hung drywall on both sides of the framed wall. Cam’s favourite job, mudding, was next on the to-do list ;)

We painted the walk-in closet the ‘Almond’ colour from the Rona collection.

The view of the wall from the front entrance side of the wall:

Next, we mapped out some mix and match wire-shelving pieces from Home Depot to make a customized hanging and storage closet system. We found it helpful to take a real good look at what pieces were available from our local hardware store and then go back home and brainstorm how we could incorporate some of the options that were available to us. We were sure to draw out the design that we were shooting for to see how it would look. Before purchasing anything, we double and triple checked all of our measurements to ensure our closet design would fit in our space since we were working with a lot of pieces. We also measured some of our hanging outfits to ensure we had accounted enough space for our wardrobes.

We refinished the hardwood floor in this room at the same time as we finished the hardwood throughout the house so the flooring was all ready to go.

Finally, we added the same trim and crown moulding that was used in the rest of the house.

COMPLETE! Now just to hang all of our clothes… and kiss that handsome prince charming of mine!

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