I am one lucky lady and I will tell you why ... my husband is handsome and handy! He's not just a pretty face, he has some really incredible renovation and building skills. What is he up to now you ask? He built a dining room table!

We also purchased 6 new chairs:

We were in bad need of a dining room table upgrade! Our last table was a hand-me-down, which we were very thankful for, and since it was a pretty small table, it was given to us at the perfect time because we were just moving into our last house which was just over 800 square feet. However, now that we were moving into a bigger house and we were married and interested in hosting more family and friends for dinners, we needed something roomier. Fitting 4 people at our last table was a tight squeeze. And the chairs that were around our table were found in the basement of our last house. Here was the last dining set:

Now let's chat dining room renos! The dining room was always open to the living room, but now that we removed a wall between the kitchen and the dining room so that the dining room, living room, and kitchen are now part of an open-concept space.

Once the wall was down, there were only a few updates required to give this dining room a fresh look. We added a splash of colour on one wall of the room by using the seafoam colour that was being used throughout the main space. We changed the baseboards. And we added a new light fixture.

The light we chose for over the dining room was an easy choice because it matches the light over the island, but was the perfect size for our smaller dining room table:

Lastly, we hung up a piece of artwork that has been with us at all of the houses my husband and I have lived at together. This artwork has definitely gained some sentimental value to us for that reason.

In the picture below, Cam and I and Cam's Dad are taking one last look at the house before we removed conditions to make the sale final. The pre-reno look of this dining room was so much smaller and darker. We are thrilled with the transformation!

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