You heard it here first – there’s a new little Heintz coming in November 2014! And we couldn’t be happier!

I have been experiencing a whirlwind of emotions as I am preparing to be a mom, but Cam has been calm and collected from the moment we found out that we were expecting. Cam is going to be an amazing Dad! If he spoils the baby half as much as he spoils our dog, we’re going to be in big trouble though.

Overall, I have been feeling great! I really haven’t missed a beat. We’ve been enjoying reading information about how much the baby grows each week and seeing the comparisons of the size of the fetus to different types of fruit to help imagine the size of this little baby. We have been doing lots of reading in general about pregnancy and babies since we’re new to all of this talk and feel a bit like we’ve entered another universe! So we’re learning a lot, but enjoying this really sweet time in our life.

We plan to find out the gender of the baby at 20 weeks! I may have told you once or twice, but I am a bit of a planner so I have been dreaming about how I am going to decorate the nursery and can’t wait to get started! I am looking forward to taking on a few more DIY projects in the nursery before the baby comes. And hopefully the room will be complete when we bring this little babe home.

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