This little beauty sold! It was on the market for about 10 days. A couple with two teenage boys bought the house. The couple said they loved the style of the home, especially the seafoam colour palette because they thought it would match seamlessly with their own style and furniture. This couple also thought the basement was perfectly set up for their teenagers, who needed their own space to hang out.

We fell in love with this house and were so happy that we were able to take on this project!


We fell in love with this house! But we’re putting it up for sale. This feels a little déjà vu at this point. But we have decided to move cities so Cam has taken a job in Calgary as the first step of the moving process and now we’re listing the house. The logistics for this move are certainly a little more complicated than our past moves. Our house is up for sale and we don’t want to pack up all of our stuff right away and leave it unstaged and empty. So Cam will start work in Calgary and Bennet...

What a whirlwind! Seriously. We were given possession of this house in June 2013 and renovated it and moved in on the July long weekend. We lived in the basement for almost two months until we got the main floor finished. Once we moved to the main floor in the beginning of September, we brought renovations to a halt and went full-steam ahead on wedding planning. We got married in November. We found out we were pregnant in March. And to celebrate, we renovated the basement. And somewhere in there...

If you have not heard the big news yet, take a peek at our baby announcement! We had a sweet little boy in November 2014.

You may have noticed that I get a little wrapped up in the details – my A-type personality thrives on details. We found out which gender we were having mainly so I could spend a good chunk of my pregnancy planning the nursery. I was so excited to put together this room and have it ready for when our little guy arrived!

We decided to go with colours in the nursery that would sti...

As much as we loved having a time passage to the 1960’s through our basement, we decided to give the whole space a cosmetic overhaul. It seems hard to believe that we wanted to rip out the wood paneling, ugly ceiling tiles, the retro built-in entertainment unit, and even the yellow bathroom! ;) We decided to keep the entire floor plan the exact same since it had a good flow and provided everything on our wish-list:

-          Open-floor Plan


This bungalow had 3 bedrooms on the main floor, which we used for the Master Bedroom, nursery, and the third bedroom started off as a spare bedroom and was later converted into a home office.

We painted this room the same creamy colour that was on the fireplace in the living room, but it definitely looked a lot more yellow on the wall than creamy white. We decided to leave the yellow colour on the wall though since it was a smaller room that could use a happy and bright colour. We finished the tr...

The Master Bedroom underwent a pretty significant transformation that resulted in a space that felt like a retreat. The room felt much more like an adult space when we were finished with it. Before we got started, the Master Bedroom had a very bold pink on the walls, it had popcorn ceiling, poor lighting, an old carpet, and brown trim and doors. The room was only about 12 x 10 and did not have an ensuite or walk-in closet. It felt like the house was really lacking a defined Master Bedroom.

We did...

The entryway is currently open the living room, but it wasn’t that way when we first took possession of this house. There was a 3 foot wide wall that separated the two rooms. The wall was nice to have if you were focused on distinctly defining the entryway as its own space. Cam and I were more interested in achieving our goal of having an entirely open-concept space across the front part of the house so we took down the wall between the entryway and the living room and there aren’t any regrets....

I know firsthand that this is a living room you can lounge in! All you have to do is turn the fireplace on, grab a blanket and cuddle into the couch. Our little puggle never misses an opportunity to snuggle so as soon as the warm, fuzzy blanket comes off the back of the couch, Oyster is running over and getting in on the action or maybe non-action in this scenario…!? The two big windows on either side of the fireplace let in a lot of light. And you can stare up at the high ceiling with the big w...

I am one lucky lady and I will tell you why ... my husband is handsome and handy! He's not just a pretty face, he has some really incredible renovation and building skills. What is he up to now you ask? He built a dining room table!

We also purchased 6 new chairs: 

We were in bad need of a dining room table upgrade! Our last table was a hand-me-down, which we were very thankful for, and since it was a pretty small table, it was given to us at the perfect time because we were just moving into our l...

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