Our first house has sold! What a bittersweet day. This little beauty was only on the market for 2 days when someone snapped it up. A young couple has fallen completely in love with this place and decided to call it home.


We have about seven weeks to find, buy, and move into another fixer upper! EEEK!



It was always a dream of ours to renovate a house and flip it and I cannot tell you how grateful we are that we were able to take on this project and bring this dream to life. I am proud of my husband and of myself for all of the hard work, late nights, and sweat that we poured into this house. We grew so much along this journey! And this little be...

And just like that – these renovations are done! TIME! It took us about 8 months to completely destroy the interior of this house, rebuild it until it was pretty again, paint the exterior of the house, and build a deck and fence in the backyard. I would say that we have earned ourselves a little celebratory drink! Cheers!


The floor plan has improve...

Some of the best bang for our money was spent on painting the exterior of this house! You wouldn’t believe how many people walked by the house while we were painting it and said “I have lived in the neighbourhood my whole life and know this house as ‘the little yellow house on the corner’, but I am so happy you are changing the colour – it looks be...

We triple measured the kitchen space and then set out to enter the measurements into the IKEA kitchen planner. 

We built the kitchen on IKEA’s 3d planning tool, which enabled us to pick each individual cabinet and see how it would look. As we were planning the kitchen, we really tried to imagine how we would use the space and plan what we...

Check out the new and improved front entrance – a great rehab project to make this house more functional. The front entrance was a large, unused room that seemed to be wasted space. In a house that is only 810 square feet, there certainly isn’t any room for wasted space so we split the room in half to be used as a front entrance and a walk-in-close...

This house had a very large front entryway and we found that most of the space was really not being utilized, so as we showed on the floor plans, we turned half of the front entryway into a walk-in-closet fit for a princess. I had never had a walk-in-closet before so a 6’ x 8’ walk-in-closet with hardwood flooring, a window, and customized shelving...

Picking the paint is one of my favourite parts! And what a journey we went on to find this paint choice. 


We were looking for a paint colour that embraced the age of the house, but also looked fresh and modern. I was thinking that I wanted a colour in the aqua family, but all of the colour options I was looking at were too blue or too green or too...

There were a lot of small design decisions that we made in this bathroom to ensure that the final result fit the character of this 1920’s home.

  • Paint: We chose to use the Wythe Blue that we used in other areas of the house in the bathroom as well. Using this colour again in another room creates a smooth flow of consistency throughout the house.


Once the demolition of our new bathroom space was complete it was time to start building it back up..but better. I'm never quite sure how people were able to survive with such small non-functional bathroom spaces for whole families. We don't need anything super fancy and for a small budget we were able to turn drab to fab, lame to fame, subpar to s...

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March 15, 2018

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