I am so excited to be adding a functioning mudroom to this house as part of the One Room Challenge! In case you missed our post from week one, you can catch up here

We have some design plans in the works over here! We have plans to build hooks with a bench underneath. Above the hooks will be the perfect spot for a bit of the wallpaper that we have left over from our nursery that is oh so dreamy. And below the hooks, we will be putting some shiplap on our wall. But we have a surprise for you! We're doing it ... we're going for dark trimwork in thi...

Hello Everyone!

We have some big news over here - we're joining the One Room Challenge party again! We've done this challenge a couple times with our laundry room and Quinn's nursery and it was fun to show week-to-week progress of one of our projects. Sooo here we go again with the ..... MUDROOM! 

When we come inside from our garage, we walk into our basement that was unfinished when we bought the house and now we're just chipping away at building it. When we first come into our basement from the garage, there's room to put a mudroom! And what family of fi...

My hubby made me an entryway table - he must know my love language! It turned out beautiful and I can't wait to share all of the details! 

When you come into our house, we have a fairly large entryway, but somehow there isn't room for an entryway table between the closet, the front door, sets of stairs, and floor to ceiling windows taking up most of the foot print in that space. 

When you go up the stairs into our house, there's a spot right there that I have been saving for an entryway table. However, it is a walkway there so any furniture placed there ha...


We did a mini living room refresh and wanted to share the details! 

Here's a photo from the day we got possession of this house: 

Here's the before photos from the last couple of years: 

We found this beautiful coffee table in the clearance section at Urban Barn. We got it for $200 because there was damage on the top of it. As it turned out, Cam just had to put wood glue under the piece of wood that had popped up, and then put a clamp on the coffee table until the glue dried. And that's all it took to fix the coffee table so it looked brand new...


Gallery walls are so unique! There's really so many different styles to consider. When we've had multiple frames to use in one spot in the past, we typically layer them, leaning on a ledge. I love taking photos, so having a gallery wall where we can display a bunch of photos at once is perfect. I have wanted to try a gallery wall in our house for a while, but I just wanted to find a configuration that would fit our style. I tend to lean towards gallery walls where there is a small variety of frames, but not too much going on that is causing it to l...


Do you have a kiddo in your life that loves Paw Patrol and you need a little birthday party inspiration? How about a Paw Patrol Pawty?!! We had so much fun with our son, Bennett's party and thought we would share the details to help a Mom and Dad out! 

We wanted to keep the chaos under control so we only invited six kids, any younger siblings they happened to have that wanted to tag along, and parents were invited as well (but weren't expected to come). 

So of course, we needed an invite! I just found an editable one from online and I put that...

It's that time of year again! The time of year when you want to clear out clutter and get organized for the new year ahead. 

I had already labeled my spice jars a couple years ago, but as you can see, a lot of mismatched, grocery store spice jars made their way into my spice drawer and chaos was taking over. 

Did you know that spices have expiry dates? And a bunch of my spices were well past their dates so I started this project by dumping all the spice jars out and washing them. 

I bought all the spices that I wanted to include in my updated spice collecti...

We wanted to officially introduce sweet baby Quinn on our blog! And it's long overdue because we just finished celebrating her first birthday! 

At 4:48 AM on December 28, 2018, Cam and I welcomed 8lb – 10 oz baby Quinn Ellie Heintz to the world! And at that weight, she was our tiniest baby. haha. And crazily enough, she was the second baby of ours that was born on their due date. 

Our Midwife placed that sweet girl on my chest and forever changed our world. Quinn snuggled in with me and she was so quiet and peaceful and didn’t make a sound. Mine and Cam's...


I really wanted to include a kids' chair in our family photos so our kids didn't have to sit on the ground and so the photos look a little different than our last family photos, even though we had planned to do these photos in the same location as we did them two years ago. So I tracked down a cheap rocking chair - the lady I got it from was actually selling two kids' rocking chairs for $10 each so I picked up both of them. What a rockin' deal! 

They were both painted in a BRIGHT BLUE colour, but the colour was peeling off something...


Back when I was pregnant, I noticed our barstools were getting more and more and more uncomfortable! However, I wasn't sure if it was just because that was becoming the new normal in my 'condition' or if the barstools were actually getting worn out. Turns out that they didn't get any better after Quinn was born! They were seven years old though so I think we did well with those stools! 

Here's a look at the old stools: 

We set out to find some new stools! Our checklist was fairly short - we wanted them to be a neutral colour and have backs on t...

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