It's so exciting for kids when they finally get a big kid room! Here's the post we did when this was our son, Bennett's room. And about 18 months ago, we moved our son, Sullivan's nursery into this room (photos below). And now we're making it a big kid room again. Are you tired just reading this? Me too! LOL. 

Here's a photo of the room when we first moved in... look at that gross carpet!: 

Here's a couple 'before' photos of this room as a nursery: 

Ok! Now that you've gotten a complete history of this room, we're ready to get rocking! Haha...


Our front door spent the weekend at the spa and has a fresh, new look! It's never looked better! 

We love the bones of this cedar door that is original to our house, but it was looking pretty tired! And the lock on the front actually stopped working so we needed to come up with another plan. We did price out buying a brand new door just to see what we were looking at and it was going to be at least $1500 and just wouldn't have nearly as much character. 

Here's how the door looked from the exterior side when we moved in (we added all the lo...


It's that oh-so-exciting day over here ... the one with the big reveal! We have been developing our unfinished mudroom as part of the One Room Challenge and we've wrapped up this project and we're ready to show you all how it turned out! 

In case you've missed some of the action up to this point, here's the blog posts from the first few weeks: 

One Room Challenge Week 1 | Mudroom 

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Design Plans 

One Room Challenge Week 3 | Studs, Drywall, Mudding, Painting, and Tiling 

One Room Challenge Week 4 | Entryway Hooks & Bench 


Hello again! 

We have made so much progress in our mudroom as part of the One Room Challenge Project that we've been working on. And in case you missed the first few posts, you can get caught up here: 

One Room Challenge Week 1 | Mudroom 

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Design Plans 

One Room Challenge Week 3 | Studs, Drywall, Mudding, and Painting 

There's so many awesome designs for entryway hooks and a bench so we were excited to build one that was unique for our space. 

We framed, drywalled, mudded, painted and tiled our Mudroom and then started on the hook &...

This is one pretty bed! We did a mini master bedroom refresh, mostly because our over-a-decade-old queen bed was literally making our backs hurt so we thought if we are going to switch mattresses, we were going to opt for a king-size this time.

There's a lot of details to cover when you switch to a king-size bed! We started by shopping for a foam mattress and although we could have ordered one online, we bought ours from a company that had a store-front, so it would be easier if we did need to do an exchange. 

We shopped for the bed frame next. We didn't w...

We've got some exciting progress to share with you about our Mudroom! It's week 3 of the One Room Challenge that we entered and in case you missed the first couple of weeks, you can catch up here: 

One Room Challenge Week 1 | Mudroom 

One Room Challenge Week 2 | Design Plans 

Here's the before we were working with: 

We've framed in the area where the mudroom will be. We'll be able to come in from the garage and have a closet and hook/bench area accessible right away. And then to the right, we have added a door to the storage room. And then to the left, you w...


I am so excited to be adding a functioning mudroom to this house as part of the One Room Challenge! In case you missed our post from week one, you can catch up here

We have some design plans in the works over here! We have plans to build hooks with a bench underneath. Above the hooks will be the perfect spot for a bit of the wallpaper that we have left over from our nursery that is oh so dreamy. And below the hooks, we will be putting some shiplap on our wall. But we have a surprise for you! We're doing it ... we're going for dark trimwork in thi...

Hello Everyone!

We have some big news over here - we're joining the One Room Challenge party again! We've done this challenge a couple times with our laundry room and Quinn's nursery and it was fun to show week-to-week progress of one of our projects. Sooo here we go again with the ..... MUDROOM! 

When we come inside from our garage, we walk into our basement that was unfinished when we bought the house and now we're just chipping away at building it. When we first come into our basement from the garage, there's room to put a mudroom! And what family of fi...

My hubby made me an entryway table - he must know my love language! It turned out beautiful and I can't wait to share all of the details! 

When you come into our house, we have a fairly large entryway, but somehow there isn't room for an entryway table between the closet, the front door, sets of stairs, and floor to ceiling windows taking up most of the foot print in that space. 

When you go up the stairs into our house, there's a spot right there that I have been saving for an entryway table. However, it is a walkway there so any furniture placed there ha...


We did a mini living room refresh and wanted to share the details! 

Here's a photo from the day we got possession of this house: 

Here's the before photos from the last couple of years: 

We found this beautiful coffee table in the clearance section at Urban Barn. We got it for $200 because there was damage on the top of it. As it turned out, Cam just had to put wood glue under the piece of wood that had popped up, and then put a clamp on the coffee table until the glue dried. And that's all it took to fix the coffee table so it looked brand new...

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