We wanted to officially introduce sweet baby Quinn on our blog! And it's long overdue because we just finished celebrating her first birthday! 

At 4:48 AM on December 28, 2018, Cam and I welcomed 8lb – 10 oz baby Quinn Ellie Heintz to the world! And at that weight, she was our tiniest baby. haha. And crazily enough, she was the second baby of ours that was born on their due date. 

Our Midwife placed that sweet girl on my chest and forever changed our world. Quinn snuggled in with me and she was so quiet and peaceful and didn’t make a sound. Mine and Cam's...


I really wanted to include a kids' chair in our family photos so our kids didn't have to sit on the ground and so the photos look a little different than our last family photos, even though we had planned to do these photos in the same location as we did them two years ago. So I tracked down a cheap rocking chair - the lady I got it from was actually selling two kids' rocking chairs for $10 each so I picked up both of them. What a rockin' deal! 

They were both painted in a BRIGHT BLUE colour, but the colour was peeling off something...


Back when I was pregnant, I noticed our barstools were getting more and more and more uncomfortable! However, I wasn't sure if it was just because that was becoming the new normal in my 'condition' or if the barstools were actually getting worn out. Turns out that they didn't get any better after Quinn was born! They were seven years old though so I think we did well with those stools! 

Here's a look at the old stools: 

We set out to find some new stools! Our checklist was fairly short - we wanted them to be a neutral colour and have backs on t...

The BIG week is finally here! It's REVEAL week! 

Our little gal's nursery is done! And this mama feels so good about it - I feel like this was a big job off of our to-do list and now whenever she arrives, we will have the sweetest and calmest place to bring her to admits the chaos in the rest of our house!

In case you would like to get caught up on the action from previous weeks, here's the list: 

One Room Challenge Week 1 | The Big Surprises 

One Room Challenge Week 2 | The Design Plan 

One Room Challenge Week 3 | A Dresser Fit for a Princess 

One Room Challe...

Hello Hello! 

We're one-room-challenging it up over here! We've accepted the challenge to freshen up our nursery in six weeks, taking on various projects along the way and this week is ... WAINSCOTTING! 

Now we're no strangers to wainscotting over here! We actually put up shiplap wainscotting in our laundry room in case you'd like to take a look. We also put up wainscotting in our Master Bedroom and it turned out beautiful! And there's a detailed how-to on our blog too if you're considering wainscotting for your own home.

Here are some pictures of the wains...


The One Room Challenge is in full swing over here! We’re expecting a baby girl in a couple months so we entered our nursery. In case you’d like to get all caught up, here are the first two posts:

One Room Challenge Week 1 | The Big Surprises 

One Room Challenge Week 2 | The Design Plan 

In our original nursery, we used the big 8 drawer Hemnes Dresser  from IKEA and we love that dresser because it’s easy to keep organized with so many drawers and it’s a great height to double as a change table. Our youngest son is going to take that dresser to his new...


I am so excited that today is our design plan reveal day! It's always so much fun to show where we're headed with one of our projects and then we can really get down to business. 

If you haven't seen it yet, we revealed the gender on our blog last week! We are having a GIRL!! So when I first started planning the nursery, I was drawn to wallpapers that had floral/pink/coral/aqua/creams and I had fun dreaming about this new colour scheme! However, when it comes down to it, Cam and I really aren't big 'floral' and 'pink' people so every wallpaper tha...

Hello hello!! 

Well we are bursting at the seams to share TWO BIG SURPRISES with you! It's that time of year again and since we had so much fun last time ... WE ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE ONE ROOM CHALLENGE AGAIN (if you missed it back in the spring here is the link to our reveal). I know, I know, the title of this blog post sort of gave surprise #1 away a bit! But nevertheless, we're excited to be getting creative with so many other participants again! 

OK... now surprise #2 ... Our GENDER REVEAL! Cam and I had our 20 week ultrasound in August where we...

You know those times you start a project and say to yourself "I hope this goes as smoothly as planned"? Well this one went BETTER than planned. Of course I wasn't truly surprised, after all, part of the reason we wanted to rebuild this deck was because we knew how poorly this original deck was constructed. It took us 45 minutes to take this entire deck down. I know it wasn't a large deck but... 45 ... Minutes!? Thankfully, this has been the only part of our house that wasn't super sturdy and good quality. 

Here's some in-progress shots...

Our old deck wasn't just the ugly deckling, it was the sole reason we never spent time in our back yard. So, we built a new back deck this summer and can't wait to show you all how it turned out! It's pretty and real cozy! Our back deck is also under a pergola that has a plastic covering on the roof so that the deck stays completely dry, which is nice! We really like that the back deck is protected from the weather a bit. As well, our back yard and deck are also quite shady, which is great with little kiddos and though we do have a front patio above our...

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